And so to Feng Shui!


The most ancient traditions bring with them a wealth of wisdom which, if correctly interpreted, can help us to live in greater serenity. Such as the ancient Oriental art known as Feng Shui – a term indicating health and happiness – which brings to architecture the importance of the wellbeing of the individual in choosing the furniture to be used to furnish the home in such a way as to create real balance and harmony in the place in which we spend our lives.

So why not follow the same tradition in order to transform the home into a place of refuge which offers balance and serenity?

In furnishing the bathroom, for example, the concepts of Feng Shui could be applied to the structure (it is recommended to have large windows to use the best possible of natural light) as well as the use of materials (natural materials such as wood, stone and metal are ideal), and colours: in order to emanate positive energy, it is advisable to use strong colours such as turquoise with non-colours such as black or white.