Less is More: the paradigm of modern design


Those who believe that minimalism means “simple” or “easy” are barking up the wrong tree. The expression Less Is More, which was coined by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – one of the leaders of the Modernist Movement – represented a major revolution which overturned the commonly-held belief that ostentation and complexity are the mark of a great work.

The phrase “less is more” – equivalent to “less is better” – sums up a form of minimalism based on the search for perfection which can be achieved by removing all that is superfluous. When you obtain a product whose functions are perfect, the aim has been achieved. But to create spaces and objects that are truly minimal requires extraordinary skill in knowing what should be removed. And that is anything but simple. Less is more has become the maximum expression of modern design, and can be found in all furniture and accessories, including the bathroom.