The pleasure of freedom


In his famous speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs told those present to “stay hungry”, which is perfectly apt in this case, because hunger for learning is the motor which drives today's explorer.

The days when traders had to make long journeys in order to sell their goods are long gone, as Marco Polo once said. And the long trips such as the Grand Tour which was so fashionable among young European aristocrats between the 17th and 19th centuries and was considered to be almost a social duty – Goethe's trip around Italy lasted almost two years – are no longer viable. These voyages have nothing in common with a quick long week-end or a last-minute offer that can be booked with the click of a mouse!

Our approach to travelling has changed radically. Travelling is no longer a duty, but a pleasure. It is the answer to a forma mentis, to the need for freedom. The freedom to move, discover, make your own choices. The freedom to “stay hungry”, each in his own way.