K25 "K-house"

Inspired by Vitruvius (the first and most famous theorist), who defined architecture as the "summation" and a container for a wealth of knowledge in other spheres, we have designed a single and spacious interior setting. But this single setting – our K_HOUSE – will be a study project, and will encompass many different compositions. Each inspired, designed and defined with the aid of those notions which are so essential for the architect and for architecture. Geometry and mathematics for harmony and proportion. Anatomy for ergonomics. Medicine for the hygiene of materials. Optics for illumination. Respect for the natural environment. And to this end, the function of structural elements such as walls, ceilings and floors is de-structured and reduced to its simplest, basic, linear terms. In order to communicate clearly and effectively, the use of materials, the multitude of aesthetic possibilities and functions of a new and well-structured system of furnishing such as K25.