Innovation is an integral part of Compab.
It means intuition, creativity, experimentation and looking back to tradition, with the aim of continuously evolving. It also means knowing about DESIGN, and Compab closely follows and observes the trends in order to anticipate the market’s needs.
Compab’s creative ideas become functional designs.


What we mean by “365-degree” creativity is getting outside our comfort zone and finding new solutions that are “imported” and optimized for bathroom furniture. Every day of the year. Our insight and experimentation have allowed Compab to bring the modular idea to the bathroom industry, introducing products that are excellent on their own but not traditionally
used in this particular environment.
Like the use of kitchen drawer slides used in bathroom furnishings to make them more functional and longer lasting.


Compab is ready to meet each and every need.
Often, the market asks for products to be manufactured that don’t respect standard measurements. Thanks to our “intelligent” production cycle, Compab is also able to handle “customized” pieces in the best possible way.


Every piece takes inspiration from the lines of international design, thanks to the continuous study of new offerings, which are customized to personal tastes and compared with what’s on offer in the market.
Compab brings its own viewpoint and personal insights, and this makes all the difference.
“For us, design is the ability to pick up on the inspiration of the moment, interpret it and translate it into objects that are attractive and functional at the same time. It is about discovering new materials or reinterpreting traditional ones, while always keeping the focus on the environment.”