Compab is made up of people.
A family that works together, exchanging ideas and opinions every day to come up with the best solutions meant to satisfy the client.
At Compab, we work with a sense of pleasure and passion.


Compab’s philosophy follows the holistic concept of everything being greater than the sum of its parts. Every single professional makes his or her fundamental contribution with strict collaboration among the various sectors. A perfect mix of reliability, professionalism, passion and personal commitment guarantees the results, which can be seen in our high-quality products.


At Compab, our experience is apparent.
We’ve gained a great deal of technical experience on the job, ranging from our knowledge of wood to the manufacture of furnishings. This solid experience can also be found in all of our manufacturing processes, which are managed internally: from the selection of raw materials to the production and coating, from assembly to packing, all the way to delivering the finished product. Compab’s know-how is truly complete, thanks to the expertise we’ve acquired with in-depth knowledge of the market in Italy and abroad.


Wood, the main material used by Compab, is chosen with painstaking care in order to guarantee that the product is top of the line. The same attention is used in selecting the other materials needed to make bathroom furniture.
Compab is a 100% Italian company that guarantees a product that is 100% Italian.


Suppliers are the first link in the manufacturing chain. Their contribution is fundamental for making high-quality products.
Compab has forged a special professional relationship with each of its suppliers, based on trust. The company cultivates these relationships every day, making for true added value.