Melamine wood

Laminated panels consist of chipboard lined on one or both sides with melamine paper – a synthetic material produced by impregnating very thin sheets of paper with melamine resin. The finished products are generally referred to as ‘melamine panels’. The panels may also be in medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Melamine-lined panels are extremely resistant to scratching and solvents, and thanks to their low cost are widely used in the furniture industry. The appearance of the product can be further enhanced by the application of varnishes or by the use of textured melamine papers which reproduce the look of real wood. The laminated panel comes from a wood recycling process, in fact it is said that wood is a material with a thousand lives.

MAINTENANCE: Always use a mild neutral detergent to clean melamine panels. Near basins, especially if the water is hard, the surface may become stained by limescale. This may be removed simply by wiping with a sponge and a little vinegar (or a special scale remover), and then rinsing and drying carefully. Do not use acids or abrasive products, as these may cause the polished surface to fade. Do not leave scale-removing products in contact with the surface for long periods, as these may leave stains.

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