MARBLES: Natural marbles may differ in colour to the samples, with slightly or quite pronounced small holes and grains. Marbles tend to absorb liquids due to their microscopic porosity and then release them through evaporation. This feature exposes them to the risk of absorbing substances that might stain them irreparably (varnishes, cosmetics, perfumes and other substances). Adequate and continuous maintenance, without excessive use of unsuitable soaps or detergents, retains the brightness of marble. Natural stone is infinitely recyclable. It is placed on the market for the production of colors, for road foundations and in many other sectors.

MARBLE/RESIN: Marble mainly comprises calcium carbonate, therefore it is subject to chemical attack from acids: the products indicated do not contain aggressive substances. Not only do they ensure excellent protection for tops, but they also allow maintenance that retains the shine of colours and the natural beauty of this stone. Products based on fine-grained marble and homogenous colours are particularly delicate.

QUARTZ/RESIN: In this case, the mineral content is not subject to chemical attack from acids. Consequently, the products indicated must only include ones that do not have a high alkaline content (basic pH), which might alter the bonding resin, particularly in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Use and maintenance: The best way to prevent stains is to remove soiling promptly with a damp cloth or mild detergents, before hardening of the same. This is especially important for fine grained marble, particularly sensitive. The damp cloth is a simple solution of daily use and can be used in every case, where the action of the agent has not damaged the surface of the material. We recommend the use of neutral detergent.

01 Bianco Carrara

01 Bianco Carrara 20170718

8H Iceberg

8H Iceberg 20170718

8J Pietra blu

8J Pietra blu 20170718

8K Rosa Alba

8K Rosa Alba 20170718

81 Fog

81 Fog 20170718

8F i-Light grey

8F i-Light grey 20170718

76 Bianco evo

76 Bianco evo 20170718

77 Nero evo

77 Nero evo 20170718

1N Botticino veneziano

1N Botticino veneziano 20170718

1P Rosso Asiago

1P Rosso Asiago 20170718

8R Fior di pesco

8R Fior di pesco 20170718

8S Napoleon

8S Napoleon 20170718

8T Portoro

8T Portoro 20170718

8N Imperial grey

8N Imperial grey 20170718

8O Mist

8O Mist 20170718

8P Athos

8P Athos 20170718

85 Mako

85 Mako 20190329

86 Benz

86 Benz 20190329

87 Neptune

87 Neptune 20190329

88 Pluto

88 Pluto 20190329

63 Verde Guatemala

63 Verde Guatemala 20230411

7L Forest magnolia

7L Forest magnolia 20230411