Minera-Kolor is a composite mineral material, elegant to the touch, hygienic, suitable for furnishing bathrooms and public spaces for the creation of washbasins and worktops in matt colours.

Minera-kolor is made up of an internal raw mix of minerals and technical-structural binders covered by a reduced thickness film, based on matt colored resin which allows to obtain excellent resistance from a physical-chemical point of view, giving it at the same time an elegant appearance. Each article is characterized by the final application of a transparent nanotechnological protective product on the surface. It is therefore a variable composite material and not a single component in the thickness that composes it (therefore it is not part of the "full body" solid surfaces family). Any air bubbles or missing material on the hidden surface must be considered characteristics of the material. However, these will not cause structural failure.

K1 bianco

K1 bianco 20230417

D6 titanio

D6 titanio 20230417

19 grigio Manhattan

19 grigio Manhattan 20230417

X1 corda

X1 corda 20230417

G7 ocra

G7 ocra 20230417

H3 peonia

H3 peonia 20230417

H4 cammeo

H4 cammeo 20230417

H5 datura

H5 datura 20230417

02 ceruleo

02 ceruleo 20230417

M1 agave

M1 agave 20230417

M2 cactus

M2 cactus 20230417

M3 timo

M3 timo 20230417