The Mineralguss is a material composed of natural minerals (calcium carbonates and triidrati of aluminum) linked by a low percentage of polyester resin. It is not a plastic material, but a mineral compound elegant to the touch, hygienic and well-suited for the bathroom and public spaces. The gelcoat film that covers the surface of the material allows to obtain an excellent resistance from a physical point of view and especially chemical. The Mineralguss is a very ductile material, resistant to wet heat, to sigarette and dry heat. Color variations caused by high temperatures, can be easily removed by cleaning with a slightly abrasive sponge and then polished. MAINTENANCE : to remove dirt and stains use a sponge with water and normal detergent (cream not powder). CAUTION: the surface of the top should never be in contact with solvents or alkaline lotions such as ammonia. Products for hair dyes should not stagnate in the sink and must be rinsed. Never fill the sink with hot water with temperature higher than 60 °C.

Mineralguss: glossy white

Mineralguss: glossy white 20170718

Mineralguss: matt white

Mineralguss: matt white 20230428