Corian is a high-performance blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer. The numerous quality of Corian surfaces ensure its renewability and extreme ease of maintenance. Soapy water or a household cleaner containing ammonia will be enough to remove most of the dirt and stains on the surface. Please avoid to put Corian in contact with chemicals or solvents. If it happens, immediately clean the area with water. Nail varnish must be removed with a cleaner for nails without based acetone and then rinsed with water. The small damages, including scratches, stains also chemicals, burns and small shocks can be repaired directly using an abrasive sponge Scotch & Brite.

For washbasin "Bang"

For washbasin "Bang" 20170718

For washbasin "Optik"

For washbasin "Optik" 20170718

Corian Deep cloud

Corian Deep cloud 20190403