Porcelain stoneware is derived from a mixture of water and clay and is transformed through the extrusion process in a raw slab by the extraordinary mechanical characteristics. The exclusive process of transformation of the clay raw confers greater cohesion to the material and allows to obtain a sheet of thickness 1 - 1.3 cm. The vitrification ensures maximum resistance to water absorption as closes the pores of the material, and give the top high resistance to stains.

PORCELAIN STONEWARE: AN ECO-SUSTAINABLE AND SAFE MATERIAL It comes from a mix of natural raw materials common in nature, mainly sands and clays, the extraction of which respects the environment. It is a 100% recyclable material and can be disposed of without risk to the environment.

2N Fokos sale

2N Fokos sale 20170718

2O Fokos terra

2O Fokos terra 20170718

2P Fokos roccia

2P Fokos roccia 20170718

2R Oxide moro

2R Oxide moro 20170718

2Q Oxide nero

2Q Oxide nero 20170718

2S Pietra di Savoia

2S Pietra di Savoia 20170718

2T Calacatta

2T Calacatta 20170718

2U Bianco venato

2U Bianco venato 20170718

2W Oxide bianco

2W Oxide bianco 20190402

2X Negro natural

2X Negro natural 20190402

2Y Jasper

2Y Jasper 20190402

2Z Geo

2Z Geo 20190402

27 Gris stone

27 Gris stone 20210315

20 Sassofine

20 Sassofine 20210315

26 Emperador extra

26 Emperador extra 20210315

21 White 3D

21 White 3D 20210315

22 Iseo

22 Iseo 20210315

24 Piase

24 Piase 20210315

25 Azalai

25 Azalai 20210315

28 Ardesia nero

28 Ardesia nero 20210315

29 Ardesia bianco

29 Ardesia bianco 20210315

2J Verde alpi

2J Verde alpi 20230428

2K Korten

2K Korten 20230428

3W Seminato candido

3W Seminato candido 20230428

3X Seminato nero

3X Seminato nero 20230428

3Y Gentum

3Y Gentum 20230428