The ceramic is made of raw materials of natural origin, clay and kaolin, quartz and feldspar. The crude product is added the enamel,a mixture of quartz, chalk, feldspar, dolomite, opacifiers, water and glue. It is a durable material, inalterable, resistant to scratching and abrasion, resistant to aggressive detergents such as, for example, hydrochloric acid, and very resistant to high and low temperatures and light exposure. The sanitary ware is easy to clean.

The ceramic product represents an extremely durable material over time (estimated life span of more than 50 years) that is easily recyclable in the processes of reusing fired and unfired waste and demolition waste, and therefore absolutely consistent with the characteristics of the circular economy. Ceramic is therefore a sustainable material and is environmentally friendly.

glossy white ceramic

glossy white ceramic 20230428

matt white ceramic

matt white ceramic 20230428

matt black ceramic

matt black ceramic 20230428