Porcelain has been produced since ancient times, and is still used in a wide variety of applications. Porcelain consists of all-natural materials - clay and kaolin – with the addition of quartz and feldspars. While ductile during the production process, after annealing, porcelain becomes extraordinarily hard. The unfinished porcelain is then enamelled with a mixture of quartz, chalk, feldspar, dolomite, as well as water, binding and matting agents. Porcelain is resistant to extremely high temperatures, and after heating to 1,280°C becomes extremely hard and resistant to wear. For this reason, porcelain is the ideal material for use in private and public bathrooms; it is hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, totally immune to even the most aggressive detergents such as, for example, hydrochloric acid; in addition, it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and unaffected by sunlight. This means that porcelain bathroom fittings are very easy to clean. NOTE: The dimensions indicated for our porcelain product may vary by up to 0.8% due to slight wear in the moulds or changes in the technical characteristics of the raw materials used to produce the porcelain.

For semi-built-in washbasin

For semi-built-in washbasin 20170718

For Under-counter washbasin

For Under-counter washbasin 20170718

For washbasin Picasso

For washbasin Picasso 20170718

For washbasin Toy

For washbasin Toy 20170718

For outside washbasin

For outside washbasin 20170718