Showroom Compab

Brugnera, in the Italian Province of Pordenone, is the site of an 11,000 m2 exhibition area "POMA Showroom", where the entire range of furniture produced by Atma is displayed.

"POMA" is an environment designed to create the best exhibition conditions, a scenic itinerary to closely examine all the proposals of the brands, to appreciate quality and design without filters.

The showroom is not only the ideal way of providing assistance to the Group's dealers, but also the perfect vehicle for presenting the products in Atma's range to buyers at every level (Italian and overseas clients, training institutes, visiting delegations etc.). In addition, the showroom is a focal centre for the social activities organized by the Group.

This is truly a unique service, which is designed to assist our dealers in selling the products by showing prospective buyers the actual products (kitchens, bathrooms, living-rooms, bedrooms).

With its 100-seat conference hall, the showroom is frequently used as a venue for events, meetings, courses and conferences.

All the creations of the Compab company are exhibited in the Poma Showroom, set up in an area of about 480 square meters.