[A home in the United States]

Harmony between man-made structures and natural settings,

according to Frank Lloyd Wright's concept of organic architecture.



Compab uses

a range of natural materials

like walnut wood and

interesting styling

like matt black aluminum frame.


A unique model expressed

in two different shades.


 The basins in coloured ceramic 

 match, continue and complement,

 the grey and blck lacquer finish

 of the cabinets. 

technology e
functional solutions
for an evolved one

Architecture and dream houses in the USA during the ‘50s and ‘60s

When Europe’s master architects discovered the sunshine of California and the New World.

“California design [...] has developed out of our own preferences for living in a modern way... It is an expression of our habits and our tastes” (Greta Magnusson Grossman in 1951). This is the essence and the motive for West Coast design during this era in America... though blended with the Modernism imported from Europe. It is a combination of the European rigour of Neutra, Gropius and Van der Rohe, the organic, open style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the ideas suggested by the Californian climate and by its specific style – Welcome to America!

The italian bathroom Magazine 2019

The italian bathroom Magazine 2019

Tanti modi diversi per raccontare le tantissime proposte di ambiente bagno di Compab. Una grande libertà nel flusso di pensieri, di associazioni... Perchè ogni cosa è connessa ad altre e può facilmente essere connessa ad altre ancora. E così anche l’arredo per l’ambiente bagno si presta a tanti collegamenti, associazioni e spunti diversi. Tutti stimolanti, curiosi, interessanti... buona lettura a tutti!!

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