Aluminum is a silvery white metal in nature and is mainly mined from bauxite ores. It is a soft and malleable metal, very light. Raw aluminum is processed through various industrial production processes for extrusion. The application of aluminum in our production is found in profiles for structures, for mirror frames, handles.

Aluminum is 100% and infinitely recyclable, in fact once recycled it has the same properties and qualities as the original aluminium, and new products can be created every time. In this sense, aluminum is a perfect example of "Circular Economy", that is, it is part of that category of metals that can be regenerated in an economic system, thus also guaranteeing its eco-sustainability.

Structure - black

Structure - black 20230523

Structure - brushed

Structure - brushed 20230523


Handle 20230523

Mirror frame

Mirror frame 20230523

Door with frame

Door with frame 20230523