Tekor is a material mainly consisted of 70% of natural mineral in combination with acrylic resin to 100% of high quality (ATM & PMMA) and hot polyester resin. This allows it to maintain his original colour. Being a compact material, hygienic and non-flame retardant, with Tekor you can obtain elegant installations and high efficiency. The compact and non-porous surface is durable and easy to clean with common household cleaners. Due to its composition and color through all its mass, small cuts, scratches and cigarette burns can be easily removed to give the product its original beauty (in case we suggest you to contact a skilled craftsman).

In "Kult" washbasin

In "Kult" washbasin 20170718

In "Plano" washbasin

In "Plano" washbasin 20170718

For the top

For the top 20170718