Solid wood

840 "bollito" oak


The “bollito” oak is a kind of wood treated at high temperatures to increase cohesion and compactness of the fibers. The mechanical properties and resistance of oak remain the same, as well as the aesthetic and characteristic veining. The wood is evaporated at high temperatures to reach a high moisture content and then progressively dried; after this treatment the oak becomes extremely resistant, stable from the dimensional point of view and durable over time. The treatment gives the oak an uniform medium-dark color. Any shade variations must not be considered as a defect, but a characteristic of this product. Typical are also knots, cracks, crevices and fissures, which testify the authenticity of this essence without having negative effect on its strength and durability. The precious hand finishing, which involves planing, brushing and use of mat paints respects the material and enhances its natural beauty, ensuring maximum protection of the surface. Available for tops: 4 cm th.